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What this site is about and who are Bill and Gayle Redfern

Go Confidently in the direction of YOUR dreams.  LIVE the life you have imagined.

What is written today is similar to what has been said by our ancestors. We are being encouraged to re-live the knowledge from our ancestors. We can do this while living the festivities of your culture, merging it with the past. 

Living Wholistically  leads to good health and happiness. Health is not about surviving, it is about Thriving.  Thriving includes ALL aspects of life on the planet we "manage"l -- the Earth. We are able to manage the balance and wisdom of life today. The book -- Ancient Wisdoms, Exploring the Mysteries and Connections was written to share wisdom and ideas that came through research and channeled information directing the reader to good health and happiness.

It is important to know how our ancestors thought.

...We will be able to understand our future only if we understand our past first. Mayan Elder -- Said by the Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men - Maya Nation  . . .

​... the people of all colours join to bind what was broken and live in hope -- Said by a Waitaha Elder of New Zealand...

.. Also said by a Waitaha Elder --  It is time to blend and sing a united chorus. 

These quotes remind us of the powerful connections between the ancient and modern people. They remind us of similarities between cultures around the globe. Join me and explore the relationship between the 10, 000 year old Kennewick man of mainland America, the 17, 000 year old pottery ruins of Chile and their association with the Jomon of Asia and modern Ainu of Japan. Ponder the mysterious link of Africa, Mesoamerica and Europe. Hear the recent messages from the Elders of Kogi, Hopi and Maya nations.

...With all things and in all things, we are relatives Said by a Lakota Chief

It includes the physical body, inside and out. As well, it involves the mental and spiritual aspects of our lives.

COMMENT BY A READER... A woman who bought Ancient Wisdoms last year went out of her way this morning to talk to me, telling me how much she enjoyed the book, the content and the format. She then  continued the conversation by telling me I did a psychic reading about 10 years ago, very accurate. She has bookmarked my name and is waiting for Ancient Wisdoms II. Guess I had better get busy!

To get information about my publications  Ancient Wisdoms, Exploring the Mysteries and Connections is available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon.ca,  BookWhirl.com. 

A YouTube trailer promoting Ancient Wisdoms, is now out!! To see the trailer - go to YouTube Once in the YouTube world, just type in either Ancient Wisdoms or my name - Gayle Redfern. This brings the trailer up. As well as writing the next book, we are preparing eBook versions of - Inner Bridges, Ayurveda Demystified, Within & Beyond. Not only that, the fifth  book, - Ancient Wisdoms II, Many Corners, Many Voices will be coming out soon.  

Have you thought about the linked information of what is inside the books written by Gayle Redfern,  what is included in the contents of these health businesses, AND the knowledge and speakers available to you?  

First, the books: Inner Bridges introduces the idea of living simply and locally. Science today is discovering the problems that are affecting us when we try to consume products that are grown outside our region. For example, science has discovered that citrus products may cause cancer and other health problems when consumed by people living outside the citrus growing region. Spirit guides have known this for eons. Humans are only now discovering this affect on our being.  Read this book for more information or click on the pages on this site for a more in depth overview.

Ayurveda Demystified, For Optimum Western Living, is the second book written by Gayle. Ayurveda is an Indian Health system that has been in India for more than 5,000 years. It is a complex study of the human body that, like Western Medicine takes authorities many years to learn and apply in details.  HOWEVER, the lay person can learn the simple overview and apply it to your daily life.  Gayle taught introductory courses for many years and this book presents basic principles in Western layman terms.  For example, Ayurveda identifies three energy systems of the body and ALL living forms -- movement, processing and storage. This book helps the reader discover what their dominant energy system should be and how to bring it into balance by modifying their diet. Again, for more details go to book or the following pages.

Within & Beyond, The Connection, is book number three. Many readers consider this a complex book because it looks at the star tetrahedron, magnetic energy and electrical energy of the planet earth from a different perspective. Others are overjoyed to find a book that states what they have believed for many years.

Ancient Wisdoms, Exploring the Mysteries and Connections,  book number four takes information from 10,000 years ago and shows how it applies to our current society. In addition, it shows how cultures from the four corners ARE connected and contribute to one another. One quote is: "we will be able to understand our future only if we understand our past first." The upcoming book, Ancient Wisdoms II, Many Corners, Many Voices -- Let the Past Speak --  looks at the cultures and the corners of the globe and provides more information to help encourage the Elders to share their knowledge and provide sufficient information to the layman so they know how to ask questions. To visit my site created by my publisher, go to author. 

Ancient Wisdoms and Ancient Wisdoms II refer back to all these three books previously written by Gayle but can be viewed as a prime link.

What this information tells us is that our ancient ancestors had information that we are just now discovering; Inner Bridges -- live simple and local, our body is balanced and healthy this way. Ayurveda Demystified; Healers in ancient India knew how to pull the bodies and communities into balance. Within & Beyond; teaches us to balance the magnetic and electrical energy of the body as a key way to harmonize life on the planet. to bring

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