Ayurveda       Demystified

 Ayurveda Demystified

  **** -- A read that should not  be missed

Introducing ideas from one culture to another is not always simple and invariably calls for modifications.  Incorporating Ayurveda into Western living involves understanding a new language, a new philosophy of life and a new lifestyle, none of which are easy tasks. The wisdom though, is worth pursuing. After teaching basic Ayurveda classes for several years, Gayle made slight modifications, one of these was replacing basic Sanskrit terms with comparable English terms.

This introductory book eliminates the need to learn a new language It provides an opportunity for each person to select the portions that appeal to them, whether it is the philosophy of three energy forces, the home remedies for common ailments, or the foods best suited to each energy force. The next step is up to the reader, stay with this information or pursue a comprehensive study of Ayurveda. Recognizing the personal triggers for illness and chaos is a vital key to healthy living.

During many years as a Health Consultant, Gayle Redfern helped individuals create balance in their life by identifying their prime energy pattern. After discovering how easily the Ayurveda brings balance and unity into one’s life, she went beyond her private consultations to develop and teach workshops and seminars. These were designed to help people understand the basics of this "Science of Life." The book is out of print, however a new release is coming shortly in e-format. For details,  contact Gayle. Amazon also has a few copies of the original.