Opening your Connection to Inner Peace & Harmony


An innovative, channeled book incorporating humor and tips that help you make effective changes in your daily life. Learn the secrets of living a simple and balanced life. Bring peace and harmony into your world. Each person can find balance and free themselves of ego and greed.

This alters the energy around them. The Dalai Lama recently gave a talk about Peace through Inner Peace. This book is not so different. The main difference is that Buddhism promotes peace through meditation. Inner Bridges promotes
peace through the individual bringing everything under their control into balance - their own body, mind and spirit. Meditation is only one component. When the information in this book started coming to me more than two years ago, I
was astounded by the severity of the information. I was also shocked to realize how much it echoed leaders and speakers around the world. Part of the information received is worth restating: 

Earth and all creatures are sadly out of balance. The only way the Earth can be healed is by all humans getting into balance within themselves and with all around them. As this happens, the Earth and the creatures upon it will move
into balance.

Balance can only be attained by starting with the inner you. This will then allow you to build and cross the bridges between body, mind, and soul, and subsequently, other creatures and the Earth itself. 

A balanced body does not give us a healthy mind, nor does it give us spiritual connectedness and serenity. A balanced mind does not guarantee a balanced, well functioning body nor does it answer the spiritual search so many are after.
Similarly, a deeply spiritual person does not necessarily have the body and the mind in perfect equilibrium. We must work on each separately and together. This information stresses the importance of balance and peace. In addition to a
simple plea for changes, we are also given steps and methods to achieve this balance. There are four concepts that flow through the book. These are

1) maintain personal peace and integrity

2) wherever possible, consume and use products from your region

3) live simply and lastly

4) give thanks for everything around you. 

Hello and welcome to the new world. The new world as you have the ability to make it.
--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Our objective is to put it in eBook format.

Inner Bridges