Within & Beyond

Align and balance universal vibration

It is time for humanity to look at the topic of "dimension" and "time "differently. This book, Within and Beyond by Gayle Redfern looks at these and other pertinent issues. What is rapidly becoming apparent is the fact that everyone has simultaneous access to ALL nine planes of reference and has had this access since before birth. Using our Planes of Reference, as I define dimensions, we can view or interpret any piece of information 9 different ways. The planes are nothing other than placing our attention on a portion of our reality or what is seen.
This book is not about physical attributes of the human. Regardless, just as the genetic coding protected some people in the Middle Ages, today the Cosmic Life Pattern (CLP) protects some people from various ailments and opens up specific sources of more information. Therefore, as you move through this book, you need to remember that not everyone gets messages from rocks or sacred trees, crystal skulls or crop circles. We will all receive information; the source just won’t be the same as your neighbors.
Like so many other books, this book was not written in order from beginning to the end. Instead it started with data fitting into the middle of the book. For more than two years there was no pattern to the incoming information, it jumped from section to section in no apparent order. For most of this time this simply confused and puzzled me. But when I realized this was nothing more than an example of no such thing as time I was able to set my confusion aside and let the information flow, knowing order would evolve. It was a reminder that order of any kind implies past, present and future time; one of three precepts in this book. As you move through the book, you will see these concepts intertwined. They are:

  1. Planes of Reference,
  2. Time versus no-time
  3. Pleiadian energy.

I feel confident that when a person with the high crystal content reads this book they would think "This makes sense." Whether the crystal content is on the rise or not, humanity is at the point of receiving more information from other beings, the past and other worlds. We are awakening and ready to receive universal knowledge including what the Pleiadians, through Lemuria stored on earth so long ago.
If this data seems strange and you want clarification, then the techniques at the end of the book will help bring you into balance. Remember: - Where energy follows thought, thought directs energy and change follows.

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Within & Beyond,
     The Connection